School Governance Toolkit (low res)
All primary and secondary schools in South Sudan have been asked by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) to form school governing bodies. Setting up a school governing body is also one of the hurdles a school must pass to qualify for a capitation grant. Primary schools form School Management Committees (SMC) and secondary schools form Board of Governors (BoG), through which teacher, pupils, parents and the community can make their voices heard. GESS will work closely with the SMC/BoG throughout South Sudan, to strenghten their capacity to plan the development of their schools. GESS, together with the MoEST, developed a School Governance Toolkit that is freely available for download here.


All people and organisations working on school development in South Sudan are encouraged to use the toolkit in their work.


GESS has a high resolution version for printing available upon request. Please contact: