BMB Mott MacDonald (BMB MM)

Leads the consortium in terms of technical oversight, supported by their sister company Cambridge Education (CE). The two bring extensive experience of designing and implementing successful education reform programmes across Africa, and in the case of South Sudan the management of the Basic Services Fund between 1996 – 2013.


BBC Media Action

is the international development charity branch of the BBC, which brings with it a substantial portfolio of experience in social behaviour change communication. BBC Media Action’s role in GESS will focus on supporting the creation of an enabling socio-cultural environment for girls’ education through radio programmes and community mobilization, which will contribute to promoting social and behavioural change for girls’ education by imparting key information to address, encourage and inspire people to take steps that will over time support girls going to school, staying in school and learning effectively while in school.

Charlie Goldsmith Associates(CGA)

brings together technical expertise in working on building government systems in post-conflict and emerging countries. CGA has helped governments and others establish practical, useable administrative and management systems, in particular to support the delivery of basic services and responsible executive government, for the benefit of all citizens in the countries in which it works. The CGA team brings in experience in a range of post-conflict and emerging environments from Sierra Lone to Somaliland. In South Sudan, CGA was responsible for setting up the first phase of the South Sudan Electronic Payroll System (SSEPS). CGA’s contribution to GESS will concentrate on setting up the South Sudan School Attendance Monitoring System (SSSAMS) or ‘Ana Fi Inni’ (‘I am here’), and supporting the development of strategies such as cash transfers to girls and their families to alleviate the economic burden of going to school, and capitation grants to schools to improve the learning environment.


Winrock International

brings over 25 years of experience implementing its mission of empowering the disadvantaged, increasing economic opportunity, and sustaining natural resources through programmes that integrate gender, education, leadership development, and capacity building globally. In South Sudan, Winrock brings its tested experience from its work on the Gender Equity through Education (GEE) programme which offered incentives to girls to increase retention and completion of education. Its contribution to GESS is on aspects of mentoring and capacity building.